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Lead Role in 'What She Will' New Writing for the RSC Open Stages Festival 2015

I am Ann Hathaway

Back in August I auditioned for this new piece of drama inspired by Shakespeare. I wanted to get involved in a play again and especially in a production involving Shakespeares language and plays.

I am now firmly imbedded in the rehearsal process for an exciting piece of theatre due to be performed in March 2015 in Bridewells Theatre in Blackfriars.

This piece has been written by Jane Jones for Theatre in the Square Theatre Company

as part of the RSC Open Stages Festival 2013-2016. Only 90 Amateur companies across the country have been picked to be part of the festival.

The play traces the relationship Ann Hathaway had with William Shakespeare, readdressing some fables history and historians have presumed about her and suggesting there maybe other stories in history, women's stories. The play uses Shakespeares plays and scenes to explain Ann Hathaways and other women who influenced William Shakespeares involvement in his life.

I am playing Ann Hathaway.

We have original music and a wonderful trailer. Here is our leaflet below. If you are free come and join us for an original take on Shakespeare!


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