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What She Will k me.

Through the eyes of his wife, Ann Hathaway, ‘What She Will’ tells the story of the women who influenced William Shakespeare. It contained many scenes from a wide range of his plays brought to life by an ensemble cast of seventeen actors. An original fresh musical score containing new arrangements of Shakespeare's songs and poems accompanied our performance. 

I lead the cast as Ann Hathaway, the main protagonist in this wonderful piece of new writing which was part of the esteemed RSC Open Stages competition. We performed 4 sold out nights at the Bridewell Theatre, Blackfriars. We were voted into the 2nd round at Questers in July 2015 and ended up as one of the final shows performing at the RSC on the RST stage in August 2015. 


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I had the honour of dancing in the Paralympic Opening Ceremony in 2012. I danced in a large group of able bodied and disabled dancers. It was a 3 month rehearsal period and a great joy to dance in front of 80,000 people in the Olympic Stadium for such an inspiring event. 

Richard Harris. Photographer 

In the project 'Being Human' Richard Harris explores who we each are beneath the layers of filter, pretence and performance, trying to capture moments of purity, vulnerability and beauty; when we are most honestly ourselves. He has photographed famous singers, actors, friends and strangers alike. For more of his work check out his website:


HAND (Have a Nice Day) Performed at the Barbican 2013 

CREATE_London in association with Hannah Perry – Installation artist and Rosie Whitney-Fish- Choreographer- Creating & Performing HAND – Have a Nice Day. Check out the video of our performance here  and photos & info here . We were placed as event of the week in Dazed & Confused Magazine. For HAND the artists opened up her practice to develop a collaborative production of live video and performance. This took the final form of a green screen installation that allowed the audience to simultaneously see a conflux of pre-recorded video, audio, live performance and music.

Kat Joyce Pics 

I modelled for a wonderful photographer Kat Joyce's photo shoot. She is excellent at getting unusual and quirky shots and showing the beauty in the everyday as well as in big life events such as weddings. She is available for most events. Book her here ,  

                                      You won't be disappointed.  

John Bowen

Creative  Film Producer


John and I have worked together for years. There is a video on my 'voiceover page' of a previous project for Greenbelt Festival. The video adjacent was for a Christian festival.  I am in vision in a few of the frames. Jon is a wonderful film editor and creator and worth investing in if you want something unique and special for an event, documentary etc. Check out his Vimeo account here.