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Welcome to Lou's little space

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my wonderful space where all my projects and storytelling work will be documentated.

It has been a long 5 months- ask Lara my wonderful website creator about this. She has been continously patient as I struggle to visualise my website. Through the four different formats we created we finally settled on this one. If you need a website built from scratch or help in creating one , she is your gal!

Why did I create one?

I started with the idea of a website because in my first 2 years of being in London lots of different creative projects came about. I realised I had all this footage that I wanted to record. I consider this space a bit like an online diary of my creative ambitions and plans as well as all the projects I have been involved in.

I really hope you enjoy looking through the photos, video clips etc. and if you want me for any storytelling, voiceover , compereing, singing, acting or presenting work get in touch! You could call me a jack of all trades but I like to see my work as a voyage. Each project shows me something else about myself and the people I work with and reminds me we should never stop exploring. in whatever way we chose.

This is my choice. I hope you enjoy it too.

Louise xxx

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